lsat_scores: LSAT Scores.

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This dataset is taken from Thomason et al. (2014) who studied a group of 12 students who underwent a course in critical thinking. Their scores on the Logical Reasoning section of the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) were assesed before and after training.




A list with two elements: pretrain and posttrain.


It is also found in Chapter 8 "The Paired Design" (pp 195 - 199) of Introduction to the New Statistics (Routledge, 2017), by Geoff Cumming and Robert Calin-Jageman.


Thomason, N. R., Adajian, T., Barnett, A. E., Boucher, S., van der Brugge, E., Campbell, J., Knorpp, W., Lempert, R., Lengbeyer, L., Mandel, D. R., Rider, Y., van Gelder, T., & Wilkins, J. (2014). Critical thinking final report. The University of Melbourne, N66001-12-C-2004.

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