Key-value datasets for code translation



Dictionary files to translate key codes to value in plain text (or reverse).


Each file has two columns, "key" and "value". The key is a unique (mostly) numeric code and the key is a character string description. The data sets can be divided into four categories:

  • Geographic codes: region, lan, kommun and forsamling

  • Administrative codes: sjukhus, klinik and patologiavdelning

  • Diagnose codes: t_rtr, n_rtr, m_rtr, figo, tnmgrund, sida, icd7, icd9, icd10, icdo, icdo3, snomed, snomed3 and pad

  • Other codes: kon

The intention of these data files is to be used by the decode and code functions.

See Also

decode, keyvalue

Other key_value_data: distrikt, figo, forsamling, hemort, hsn, icd10, icd7_grov, icd7, icd9, icdo3_grov, icdo3, icdo, klinik, kommun, kon, lan, m_rtr, n_rtr, pad, patologiavdelning, region, sida, sjukhus, sjukvardsomrade, snomed3, snomed, t_rtr, tnmgrund