donut: donut: Nearest Neighbour Search with Variables on a Torus

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Finds the k nearest neighbours in a dataset of specified points, adding the option to wrap certain variables on a torus. The user chooses the algorithm to use to find the nearest neighbours.


The function nnt performs the nearest neighbour search. There is also a rudimentary plot method: plot.nnt.

The default algorithm is that provided by the function nn2 in the RANN-package. Other possibilities are the nn2 function in the RANN.L1-package and the knn function in the nabor-package

See vignette("donut-vignette", package = "donut") for an overview of the package.


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Arya, S., Mount, D., Kemp, S. E., Jefferis, G. and Muller, K. (2018) RANN: Fast Nearest Neighbour Search (Wraps ANN Library) Using L1 Metric. R package version 2.5.2.

Elseberg J., Magnenat S., Siegwart R., Nuchter, A. (2012) Comparison of nearest-neighbor-search strategies and implementations for efficient shape registration. Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics (JOSER), 3(1), 2-12

See Also

nnt for nearest neighbour with some variables wrapped on a torus.

plot.nnt plot method for objects returned from nnt (1 and 2 dimensional data only).

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