CondDegree-ergmProposal: MHp for degree constraints

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MHp for degree constraints


MHp for constraints= ~degree. Propose either 4 toggles (MH_CondDegreeTetrad) or 6 toggles (MH_CondDegreeHexad) at once. For undirected networks, propose 4 toggles (MH_CondDegreeTetrad). MH_CondDegreeTetrad selects two edges with no nodes in common, A1-A2 and B1-B2, s.t. A1-B2 and B1-A2 are not edges, and propose to replace the former two by the latter two. MH_CondDegreeHexad selects three edges A1->A2, B1->B2, C1->C2 at random and rotate them to A1->B2, B1->C2, and C1->A2.



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