bd-ergmConstraint: Constrain maximum and minimum vertex degree

bd-ergmConstraintR Documentation

Constrain maximum and minimum vertex degree


Condition on the number of inedge or outedges posessed by a node. See Placing Bounds on Degrees section for more information. (?ergmConstraint)


# bd(attribs, maxout, maxin, minout, minin)



a matrix of logicals with dimension (n_nodes, attrcount) for the attributes on which we are conditioning, where attrcount is the number of distinct attributes values to condition on.

maxout, maxin, minout, minin

matrices of alter attributes with the same dimension as attribs when used in conjunction with attribs. Otherwise, vectors of integers specifying the relevant limits. If the vector is of length 1, the limit is applied to all nodes. If an individual entry is NA, then there is no restriction of that kind is applied.

See Also

ergmConstraint for index of constraints and hints currently visible to the package.

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