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Cyclical weights


This statistic implements the cyclical weights statistic, like that defined by Krivitsky (2012), Equation 13, but with the focus dyad being y_{j,i} rather than y_{i,j} . For each option, the first (and the default) is more stable but also more conservative, while the second is more sensitive but more likely to induce a multimodal distribution of networks.


# valued: cyclicalweights(twopath="min", combine="max", affect="min")



the minimum of the constituent dyads ( "min" ) or their geometric mean ( "geomean" )


the maximum of the 2-path strengths ( "max" ) or their sum ( "sum" )


the minimum of the focus dyad and the combined strength of the two paths ( "min" ) or their geometric mean ( "geomean" )

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