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Edge covariate


This term adds one statistic to the model, equal to the sum of the covariate values for each edge appearing in the network. The edgecov term applies to both directed and undirected networks. For undirected networks the covariates are also assumed to be undirected. The edgecov and dyadcov terms are equivalent for undirected networks.


# binary: edgecov(x, attrname=NULL)

# valued: edgecov(x, attrname=NULL, form="sum")


x, attrname

either a square matrix of covariates, one for each possible edge in the network, the name of a network attribute of covariates, or a network; if the latter, optional argument attrname provides the name of the quantitative edge attribute to use for covariate values (in this case, missing edges in x are assigned a covariate value of zero).


character how to aggregate tie values in a valued ERGM

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