gwesp-ergmTerm: Geometrically weighted edgewise shared partner distribution

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Geometrically weighted edgewise shared partner distribution


This term is just like gwdsp except it adds a statistic equal to the geometrically weighted edgewise (not dyadwise) shared partner distribution with decay parameter decay parameter, which should be non-negative. This term can be used with directed and undirected networks.


# binary: gwesp(decay, fixed=FALSE, cutoff=30)



nonnegative decay parameter for the shared partner or directed 2-path count; required if fixed=TRUE and ignored with a warning otherwise.


optional argument indicating whether the decay parameter is fixed at the given value, or is to be fit as a curved exponential-family model (see Hunter and Handcock, 2006). The default is FALSE , which means the scale parameter is not fixed and thus the model is a curved exponential family.


This optional argument sets the number of underlying ESP terms to use in computing the statistics when fixed=FALSE, in order to reduce the computational burden. Its default value can also be controlled by the gw.cutoff term option control parameter. (See ?control.ergm.)


For directed networks, only outgoing two-path ("OTP") shared partners are counted. In other words, for a (directed) edge i -> j in a directed graph, the number of shared partners counted by gwesp is the number of nodes k that have edges i -> k -> j. (These may also be called homogeneous shared partners.) To count other types of shared partners instead, see dgwesp.

The decay parameter was called alpha prior to ergm 3.7.

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