p1 <- rbind(c(-180,-20), c(-140,55), c(10, 0), c(-140,-60), c(-180,-20))
hole <- rbind(c(-150,-20), c(-100,-10), c(-110,20), c(-150,-20))
p1 <- list(p1, hole)
p2 <- list(rbind(c(-10,0), c(140,60), c(160,0), c(140,-55), c(-10,0)))
p3 <- list(rbind(c(-125,0), c(0,60), c(40,5), c(15,-45), c(-125,0)))
pols <- st_sf(value = c(1,2,3),
              geometry = st_sfc(lapply(list(p1, p2, p3), st_polygon)))

test_that("sf raster function works", {
  org <- c(-0.1, 0.24)
  expect_error(r1 <- raster(pols, res=1), NA)
  expect_error(r2 <- raster(pols, origin = org, res=1), NA)

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