R_eval.FEM.basis: Evaluate Finite Element bases and their Derivatives at a set...

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Only executed when the function smooth.FEM.basis is run with the option CPP_CODE = FALSE. It evaluates the Finite Element basis functions and their derivatives up to order 2 at the specified set of locations. This version of the function is implemented using only R code. It is called by R_smooth.FEM.basis.


R_eval.FEM.basis(FEMbasis, locations, nderivs = matrix(0,1,2))



An FEMbasis object representing the Finite Element basis; See create.FEM.basis.


A 2-columns matrix with the spatial locations where the bases should be evaluated.


A vector of lenght 2 specifying the order of the partial derivatives of the bases to be evaluated. The vectors' entries can be 0,1 or 2, where 0 indicates that only the basis functions, and not their derivatives, should be evaluated.


A matrix of basis function values. Each row indicates the location where the evaluation has been taken, the column indicates the basis function evaluated

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