PD: A study of Parkinson's disease and APOE, LRRK2, SNCA makers

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A study of Parkinson's disease and controls with APOE, LRRK2 markers rs10506151, rs10784486, rs1365763, rs1388598, rs1491938, rs1491941 and SNCA markers m770, int4 and SNCA. The column abc indicates if a subject is familial Parkinson's (+), sporadic (-), or controls (Control). Races involved are American Indians (AI), African American (B), and the rest are Caucasians. Diagnosis also included possible (POS), probable (PRO) and definite PDs. AON is the age at onset.




A data frame


Prof Abbas Parsian at NIH


Parsian et al. ASHG 2005, Toronto

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