icd9cm_get_billable: Get billable ICD-9-CM codes

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Return only those codes which are leaf codes in the hierarchy. In contrast to defined codes, these are considered billable and not super-sets of other codes. The majority have sub-decimal classifications, but some are simply three-digit codes. This particular function is currently restricted to ICD-9-CM codes.


icd9cm_get_billable(x, short_code = icd_guess_short(x), invert = FALSE,
  icd9cm_edition = icd9cm_latest_edition())



data, e.g. character vector, icd9, icd9cm


single logical value which determines whether the ICD-9 code provided is in short (TRUE) or decimal (FALSE) form. Where reasonable, this is guessed from the input data.


Single logical value. Returns the inverse of the result. E.g. if seeking valid ICD-9 codes, the invalid ones are returned.

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