# Copyright (C) 2014 - 2018  Jack O. Wasey
# This file is part of icd.
# icd is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# icd is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with icd. If not, see <http:#www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

context("RTF ICD-9")

test_that("some known sub vs chap confusion", {
  # some things shouldn't have been called sub-chapters, just chapters. Known troublemakers:
  expect_icd9_only_chap("Supplementary Classification Of External Causes Of Injury And Poisoning")
  expect_icd9_only_chap("Supplementary Classification Of Factors Influencing Health Status And Contact With Health Services") # nolint

  # and scan all, noting each is tested twice and half the test is circular,
  # since it looks up with the looped group.
  for (i in names(icd9_chapters))

  for (i in names(icd9_sub_chapters))
    expect_icd9_only_sub_chap(i, info = i)


test_that("sub_chapter parsing went okay, tricky cases", {

  # "TUBERCULOSIS(010-018)" # nolint
  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("Tuberculosis", "010", "018")

  # or with comma: "Vehicle Accidents, Not Elsewhere Classifiable"
  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("Vehicle Accidents Not Elsewhere Classifiable", "E846", "E848")

  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("Accidental Poisoning By Drugs, Medicinal Substances, And Biologicals", "E850", "E858") # nolint
  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("Accidental Poisoning By Other Solid And Liquid Substances, Gases, And Vapors", "E860", "E869") # nolint
  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("External Cause Status", "E000", "E000")
  expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal("Injury Resulting From Operations Of War", "E990", "E999")

test_that("majors okay", {
  # pick out some troublemakers found in testing, and some edge cases.
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Other respiratory tuberculosis", "012")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Other poxvirus infections", "059")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Other disorders of stomach and duodenum", "537")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Gastrointestinal mucositis (ulcerative)", "538")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Perinatal disorders of digestive system", "777")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Iron deficiency anemias", "280")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs", "289")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Anencephalus and similar anomalies", "740")
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Other and unspecified congenital anomalies", "759")

  # the following is incorrectly specified under vehicle injury in
  # http://www.icd9data.com/2015/Volume1/E000-E999/E846-E849/E849/default.htm
  expect_icd9_major_equals("Place of occurrence", "E849")

test_that("some majors are the same as sub-chapters", {
  # majors and sub-chapters cannot overlap, and be the same thing? I think this
  # is right. When we consider 'major' codes, we expect all three-digit (four
  # for E) codes to be present, even if this is also a sub-chapter. And it would
  # be more consistent to have every code being in a chapter, sub-chapter and
  # major, than some being exceptional.

  expect_icd9_major_is_sub_chap("Body mass index", "V85")
  expect_icd9_major_is_sub_chap("Multiple gestation placenta status", "V91")
  expect_icd9_major_is_sub_chap("External cause status", "E000")


test_that("Some known problem codes are correctly explained, github #126, #124, #123", {
  expect_explain_equal("0381", "Staphylococcal septicemia")
  expect_explain_equal("291", "Alcohol-induced mental disorders")
  expect_explain_equal("361", "Retinal detachments and defects")
  expect_explain_equal("294", "Persistent mental disorders due to conditions classified elsewhere")
  expect_explain_equal("6811", "Toe") # Cellulitis and abscess of toe
  expect_explain_equal("7865", "Chest pain")

test_that("7806 is correctly explained, github #116", {
  expect_explain_equal("7806", "Fever and other physiologic disturbances of temperature regulation")

test_that("737 is correctly explained, github #111", {
  expect_explain_equal("737", "Curvature of spine")
  expect_equal(explain_table("737")[["short_desc"]], "Curvature of spine")
  expect_equal(explain_table("737")[["long_desc"]], "Curvature of spine")

test_that("345.1 is parsed correctly, github #109", {
  expect_explain_equal("345.1", "Generalized convulsive epilepsy")

test_that("414, 4140 and 4141 are parsed correctly, github #99", {
  expect_explain_equal("414", "Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease")
  expect_explain_equal("4140", "Coronary atherosclerosis")
  expect_explain_equal("4141", "Aneurysm and dissection of heart")

test_that("some randomly chosen codes are correct", {
  expect_explain_equal("674.54", "Peripartum cardiomyopathy, postpartum condition or complication")
  expect_explain_equal("E992.8", "Injury due to war operations by other marine weapons")
  expect_explain_equal("E870.5", "Accidental cut, puncture, perforation or hemorrhage during aspiration of fluid or tissue, puncture, and catheterization") # nolint
  expect_explain_equal("V53.0", "Devices related to nervous system and special senses")
  expect_explain_equal("V53.3", "Cardiac device")
  expect_explain_equal("996.88", "Complications of transplanted organ, stem cell")
  expect_explain_equal("970.8", "Other specified central nervous system stimulants")
  expect_explain_equal("970.81", "Poisoning by cocaine")
  expect_explain_equal("786", "Symptoms involving respiratory system and other chest symptoms")
  expect_explain_equal("621.4", "Hematometra")
  expect_explain_equal("425.18", "Other hypertrophic cardiomyopathy")
  expect_explain_equal("307.2", "Tics")
  expect_explain_equal("307.23", "Tourette's disorder")
  expect_explain_equal("151", "Malignant neoplasm of stomach")
  expect_explain_equal("1518", "Malignant neoplasm of other specified sites of stomach")
  expect_explain_equal("01896", "Miliary tuberculosis, unspecified, tubercle bacilli not found by bacteriological or histological examination, but tuberculosis confirmed by other methods [inoculation of animals]") # nolint

  # cases which were special in parsing:
  expect_explain_equal("V30", "Single liveborn")
  expect_explain_equal("V300", "Single liveborn, Born in hospital")
  expect_explain_equal("V3001", "Single liveborn, born in hospital, delivered by cesarean section")
  expect_explain_equal("V302", "Single liveborn, born outside hospital and not hospitalized")
  expect_explain_equal("345.01", "Generalized nonconvulsive epilepsy, with intractable epilepsy")

test_that("ICD-9-CM billable codes package data is recreated", {

  skip_on_os(c("windows", "mac", "solaris"))
  # Do encoding problems on Linux. It is unpredictable at the best of times.

  # we can do this offline if we have all (currently available) versions of the
  # ICD-9-CM code, otherwise we may have to skip

  check_billable <- parse_leaf_descriptions_all(save_data = FALSE, offline = TRUE)
  # check this one thing known to be dodgy
  expect_identical(check_billable[["28"]][["long_desc"]], icd9cm_billable[["28"]][["long_desc"]])

  # make specific quick tests for previously known problems:
  b32 <- check_billable[["32"]]
  expect_data_frame(b32, nrows = 14567L, any.missing = FALSE, ncols = 3L, types = "character")
  expect_identical(b32[b32$code == "9999", "short_desc"], "Complic med care NEC/NOS")
  expect_identical(b32[b32$code == "E0000", "short_desc"], "Civilian activity-income")
  expect_identical(b32[b32$code == "E9991", "short_desc"], "Late effect, terrorism")
  expect_identical(b32[b32$code == "V9199", "short_desc"], "Mult gest-plac/sac undet")

  for (ver in c("27", "28", "29", "30", "31", "32")) {
    v <- icd9cm_billable[[ver]][["long_desc"]]
    cb <- check_billable[[ver]][["long_desc"]]
    diff <- v != cb
    expect_identical(check_billable[[ver]], icd9cm_billable[[ver]],
                     info = paste("long_desc differences for version", ver,
                                  "\noriginal: ", paste(head(v[diff]), collapse = ", "),
                                  "\nprocess:", paste(head(cb[diff]), collapse = ", ")

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