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A table containing the results of the US Presidential Elections.




A data.table data frame with 57 rows and 25 variables:

Election year

Year(s) of the election

Election year begin

The year the election began

Election year end

The year the election ended


Winner's name

Winner Party

Winner's political party

Winner Electoral Votes 1

Number of winner's electoral votes

Winner Electoral Votes 2

Number of winner's electoral votes

Major Candidate1

Candidate1's name

Major Candidate1 Party

Candidate1's political party

Major Candidate1 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate1's electoral votes

Major Candidate2

Candidate2's name

Major Candidate2 Party

Candidate2's political party

Major Candidate2 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate2's electoral votes

Major Candidate3

Candidate3's name

Major Candidate3 Party

Candidate3's political party

Major Candidate3 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate3's electoral votes

Major Candidate4

Candidate4's name

Major Candidate4 Party

Candidate4's political party

Major Candidate4 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate4's electoral votes

Major Candidate5

Candidate5's name

Major Candidate5 Party

Candidate5's political party

Major Candidate5 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate5's electoral votes

Major Candidate6

Candidate6's name

Major Candidate6 Party

Candidate6's political party

Major Candidate6 Electoral Votes

Number of Candidate6's electoral votes


"Notes regarding the special characters used in the table: * Winner received less than an absolute majority of the popular vote.


Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Wikipedia, 10 February 2016, “United States presidential election”,



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