Appendix: The Echoes of the Code{-}

```{=latex} \markboth{Appendix}{Appendix}

The goal of this appendix is to echo the code you used in your thesis for a greater sense of transparency and replicability of your research. 
Note that `ref.labels` can be set to any label. 
Hence, you can filter the code you want replicated in the appendix by setting labels to the desired code chunks in the various chapters. 
See [this excellent resource]( for more information.

This might be particularly useful when you perform model selection to output intermediary steps here instead of in the code to avoid cluttering your report. 

labs <- knitr::all_labels()
labs <- setdiff(labs, c("setup", "get-labels"))

Appendix: The Echoes of the Code redux{-}

Add as many appendices as you like.

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