read_terra_raster: Read data from an IPUMS Terra raster extract

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Read data from an IPUMS Terra raster extract


Read a single raster datasets downloaded from the IPUMS Terra extract system using read_terra_raster, or read multiple into a list using read_terra_raster_list.

Note: Reading IPUMS Terra raster extracts requires installation of the raster package, which is no longer installed automatically when you install ipumsr.


read_terra_raster(data_file, data_layer = NULL, verbose = TRUE)

read_terra_raster_list(data_file, data_layer = NULL, verbose = TRUE)



Filepath to the data (either the .zip file directly downloaded from the website, or the path to the unzipped .tiff file(s)).


For .zip extracts with multiple raster datasets, the name of the data to load. Accepts a character vector specifying the file name, or dplyr_select_style conventions.


Logical, indicating whether to print progress information to console.


For read_terra_raster A raster object, for read_terra_raster_list A list of raster objects.

See Also

Other ipums_read: read_ipums_micro_chunked(), read_ipums_micro_yield(), read_ipums_micro(), read_ipums_sf(), read_nhgis(), read_terra_area(), read_terra_micro()


## Not run: 
data <- read_terra_raster("", "LCDECIDOPZM2013.tiff")
data <- read_terra_raster_list("", "ZM")

## End(Not run)

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