Defines functions mean.haven_labelled

Documented in mean.haven_labelled

#' Arithmetic mean for numeric labelled vectors
#' @param x a numeric labelled vector.
#' @param trim the fraction (0 to 0.5) of observations to be trimmed from each end of x .
#' before the mean is computed. Values of trim outside that range are taken as the nearest endpoint.
#' @param na.rm a logical value indicating whether \code{NA} values should be stripped before the computation
#' proceeds.
#' @param ... additional arguments to be passed to or from methods.
#' @seealso \code{\link[base]{mean}}
#' @export
mean.haven_labelled <- function(x, trim = 0, na.rm = FALSE,
  ...) {
  if (typeof(x) == "character")
    stop("mean could be used only with numeric labelled vectors.")
  mean.default(x, trim, na.rm)

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