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This package creates population matrix projection models (MPMs) for use in population ecological analyses. Its specialty is the estimation of historical MPMs, which are 2-dimensional matrices comprising 3 time steps of demographic information. The package constructs both function-based and raw MPMs for both standard ahistorical (i.e. 2 time interval) and historical analyses.


The lefko3 package provides six categories of functions:

1. Data transformation and handling functions

2. Functions determining population characteristics from vertical data

3. Model building and selection

4. Matrix / integral projection model creation functions

5. Population dynamics analysis functions

6. Functions describing, summarizing, or visualizing MPMs and derived structures

lefko3 also includes example datasets complete with sample code.


Richard P. Shefferson <cdorm@g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp>

Johan Ehrlén


Shefferson, R.P., J. Ehrlen, and S. Kurokawa. 2021. lefko3: analyzing individual history through size-classified matrix population models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12(2): 378-382.

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