filter_unsp: UnSpecific Filtering on Normalized Microarray Data

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Performs UnSpecific filtering on normalized microarray data. It includes Standard Deviation and Expression filtering.


Function can perform UnSpecific filtering on normalized microarray data if exists object of Affymetrix data as dat2Affy.m, Agilent_OneColor as datAgOne2.m, Agilent_TwoColor as datAgTwo2.m, Illumina_Beadarray as datIllBA2.m2, Illumina_Lumi as lumi_NQ.m, Nimblegen as data.matrix_Nimblegen2.m, Series_Matrix as data.matrixNorm.m and Online_Data as data.matrix_onlineNorm.m. The outputs are as .f to the normalized data. It also generates data with p-value less than 0.01 as statistically significant genes.


Dhammapal Bharne

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