summary.marginaleffects: Summarize a 'marginaleffects' object

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Summarize a marginaleffects object


Summarize a marginaleffects object


## S3 method for class 'marginaleffects'
summary(object, conf_level = NULL, ...)



An object produced by the marginaleffects function


numeric value between 0 and 1. Confidence level to use to build a confidence interval.


Additional arguments are passed to the predict() method supplied by the modeling package.These arguments are particularly useful for mixed-effects or bayesian models (see the online vignettes on the marginaleffects website). Available arguments can vary from model to model, depending on the range of supported arguments by each modeling package. See the "Model-Specific Arguments" section of the ?marginaleffects documentation for a non-exhaustive list of available arguments.


Data frame of summary statistics for an object produced by the marginaleffects function

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mod <- lm(mpg ~ hp * wt + factor(gear), data = mtcars)
mfx <- marginaleffects(mod)

# average marginal effects

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