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The Metro Transparent Data Sets API provides developer access to JSON data for the order and location of rail stations by line, train arrival predictions for each station, service alerts, and elevator/escalator status. This package has been developed to make calls to the API using dedicated R functions with copied documentation and identical parameters/arguments. All functions return one or more data frames for easy analysis.


There are six endpoint categories returning JSON data.

  1. Bus Route and Stop Methods, starting with bus_*:

    • Bus Position: bus_position()

    • Path details: bus_path()

    • Routes: bus_routes()

    • Schedule: bus_schedule()

    • Schedule at stop: bus_departs()

    • Stop search: bus_stops()

  2. Incidents, ending with *_incidents:

    • Bus Incidents: bus_incidents()

    • Elevator/Escalator Outages: elevator_incidents()

    • Rail Incidents: rail_incidents()

  3. Misc Methods

    • Validate API Key: wmata_validate()

  4. Rail Station Information, starting with rail_*:

    • Lines: rail_lines()

    • Parking Information: Not yet covered.

    • Path Between Stations: rail_path()

    • Station Entrances: rail_entrance()

    • Station Information: station_info()

    • Station List: rail_stations()

    • Station Timings: rail_times()

    • Station to Station Information: rail_destination()

  5. Real-Time Predictions, starting with next_*:

    • Next Buses: next_bus()

    • Next Trains: next_train()

  6. Train Positions:

    • Live Train Positions: rail_positions()

    • Standard Routes: standard_routes()

    • Track Circuits: track_circuits()

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