function to build the micromapSTDefault data.frame


The micromapSTSetDefaults function generates a data.frame containing two lists: the colors and details list. Each list contains the operational parameters to instruct micromapST on how to physically construct a micromapST graphic. The colors list contains 14 rgb colors:

The 7 basic colors:

5 colors

for the state maps in each group of 5 states that make up one panel row.

1 color

for the median state (in the middle)

1 color

for the cumulative hightlight color for the states already presented in other panel rows.

and a repeat of the 7 rgb colors with an alpha transparency value of 10%.

The details list contains the spacing, margins, text size, etc. information to guide the construction of the micromapST graphic. These lists may be modified by the user, but this is not recommended. See the micromapSTDefault description for more information on these lists.




The default colors in the colors list are: red, orange, green, greenish-blue and lavender for the state colors, black for the median state color, and light yellow for the cummulative hightlighting on the map. The default values in the details list can be found in the micromapSTDefaults documentation.

This function is primarily used internally by micromapST. However, if the user wants to see values of all of the internal variables or wants to make wholesale changes to the layout and operational changes to the colors and details list, this function can be used to create a copy of the full colors and details lists.




Daniel B. Carr, George Mason University, Fairfax VA, and Jim Pearson, StatNet Consulting, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD