read.AVIZO.ply: Read mesh data from ply files saved by AVIZO

Description Usage Arguments Details


A function that reads Stanford ply files as saved by the 3D data visualization software Avizo


read.AVIZO.ply(file, ShowSpecimen = TRUE, addNormals = TRUE)



An ASCII PLY file generated by Avizo


Logical indicating whether or not the mesh should be displayed


Logical indicating whether or not normals of mesh vertices shold be calculated and appended to object


If ShowSpecimen is True, a gray shade3d of the mesh is generated in a new rgl window for previewing the specimen. When saving to the ply file type, Avizo inserts additional property parameters into the file heading that sometimes describe various components of the mesh. These additional properties cause the read.ply function native to the geomorph package to fail. This function properly reads ply files generated by Avizo (like read.ply) and can be stored as an object accepted as input in the other molaR functions. Ply files generated through other software (such as MeshLab) can be read using read.ply.

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