simvirload: Simulated data for the computation of normalised prediction...

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The simvirload dataset contains 1000 simulations using the design of dataset virload. These simulations are used to compute npde.




This data frame contains the following columns:


an ordered factor with levels 1, ..., 50 identifying the subject on whom the observation was made. The ordering is first by simulation then by increasing time.


time (day).


simulated viral loads, in base 10 log-scale (cp/L).


See virload for a description of the original dataset.

The simulated data was obtained using the software R, as described in Nguyen et al. (2011).


Goujard, C., Barrail-Train, A., Duval, X., Nembot, G., Panhard, X., Savic, R., Descamps, D., Vrijens, B., Taburet, A., Mentre, F., and the ANRS 134 study group (2010). Virological response to atazanavir, ritonavir and tenofovir/emtricitabine: relation to individual pharmacokinetic parameters and adherence measured by medication events monitoring system (MEMS) in naive HIV-infected patients (ANRS134 trial). International AIDS Society 2010, Abstr WEPE0094.

Nguyen, T., Comets, E., Mentre, F. (2010). Prediction discrepancies (pd) for evaluation of models with data under limit of quantification. 20th meeting of the population approach group in Europe (PAGE), Athens, Greece. Abstr 2182.

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