Prepare the release

The following steps prepare a release using R Studio. 1. From the R Studio Build menu, select Install and Restart. 2. From the R Studio Build menu, select Check Package.

The following steps prepare a release via CLI on a Mac.

  1. Install R.

     brew install r
  2. Install tex tools. Note: Need to close and reopen terminal (and/or RStudio) to see pdflatex on the path.

     brew cask install mactex
  3. Install pandoc to check .md files.

     brew install pandoc
  4. Install RStudio.

  5. Open oysteR.Rproj in RStudio.

  6. Setup devtools. In R Console tab, run: install.packages("devtools")

  7. Run R Command to build.

     R CMD build .
  8. Run R Command to check. (Substitute the correct versioned x.y.x filename.)

     R CMD check oysteR_x.y.z.tar.gz --as-cran

After a successful build/check, submit the oysteR_x.y.z.tar.gz file to the win-builder project to verify it works on Windows. The upload page worked well for me. Submit the tar.gz to all three R versions: R-release, R-devel, R-oldrelease. (Give the Maintainer a heads up to watch for results emails from these submissions.)

Perform the release submission to CRAN.


Post release

Create an annotated tag and push it to github.

git tag -a vx.y.z -m "version x.y.z released to CRAN"
git push --follow-tags

Try the oysteR package in your browser

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