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bentham: Spectra acquired with Bentham spectrometer

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A collection of spectra measured with a Bentham spectroradiometer. Datasets contain wavelengths at a 0.5 nm interval and corresponding values for spectral emittance from different lamps. As absolute values are not meaningful because measuring distances are in most cases unknown data have been normalized to one at the wavelength of maximum energy irradiance.




A "source.mspct" with two member "source.spct objects", each with 301 rows (250 nm to 400 nm, 0.5 nm step) and 2 variables.


licor is a character vector with indexes to members of lamps.mspct philips.tl01 philips.tl12

The variables in each member spectrum are as follows:

  • w.length (nm)

  • s.e.irrad (relative energy based units)


Instrument used: Bentham scanning double monochromator spectroradiometer with a cosine corrected input optics. Recently calibrated at STUK (Radiation Safety Authority Finland). Measurements done by Lasse Ylianttila (STUK, Helsinki, Finland).



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