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pushoverr is package for sending push notifications to mobile devices (iOS and Android) and the desktop using Pushover. Messages can be quickly sent using the pushover function. Apple Watch users can push small bits of data to their watches using update_glance.


To use pushoverr, you will first need your user key and an application token. The user key can be found within the settings of the app (e.g., uQiRzpo4DXghDmr9QzzfQu27cmVRsG) or by logging in to https://pushover.net. To receive an application token, register a new application after logging in to https://pushover.net/apps.

For more information, browse the package index by following the link at the bottom of this help page. For release information, run news(package = "pushoverr").


This package and its author are not affiliated with Superblock, LLC, creators of Pushover.


Brian Connelly

See Also

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/briandconnelly/pushoverr

Bug Reports and Feature Requests: https://github.com/briandconnelly/pushoverr/issues

Pushover: https://pushover.net

Pushover API: https://pushover.net/api

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