log history of r5r package development

r5r v0.5-0 (dev)

Major changes - New function accessibility() to calculate access to opportunities. Closes #169

Minor changes - The street_network_to_sf() now has a more clean output when the provided GTFS covers a larger area than the street network pbf. Closes #173

Bug fixes - Fixed bug that prevented r5r from running without internet connection. Closes #163.

r5r v0.4-0

Major changes - Updated R5 to version 6.2. Closes #158. - Added max_lts parameter to detailed_itineraries() and travel_time_matrix() functions. LTS stands for Level of Traffic Stress, and allows modeling of bicycle comfort in routing analysis. Additional information can be found in Conveyal's documentation as well as blog posts 1 and 2. Closes #160

Minor changes - new support function check_connection() to check internect connection before download files from Ipea server.

r5r v0.3-3

Major changes - New vignette to calculate and visualize isochrones. - New vignette to calculate and visualize accessibility. - Significant performance increase in detailed_itineraries() when shortest_path = TRUE. Closes #153. - Paper on the r5r package published on Findings. Closes #108.

Minor changes - travel_time_matrix() and detailed_itineraries() now output more detailed messages in the console, when verbose = TRUE. This shall make debugging the package much easier. - Improved documentation of travel_time_matrix(). Closes #149. - Checks origins/destinations inputs to make sure they have and id column. Closes #154.

Bug fixes - Fixed introductory vignette to list only files that are included in the package installation. Closes #111. - Fixed conflict with {geobr} package when downloading metadata. Closed #137. - Fixed a bug when when parsing date and time from departure_datetime in detailed_itineraries() and travel_time_matrix(). Closes #147. Bug fixes - Fixed a bug in detailed_itineraries() that caused a crash when the shape of a route in the input GTFS is broken. Closes #145

r5r v0.3-2

Minor changes - r5r does not save the medatada file in the package directory anymore, following CRAN's policies. Closed #136.

r5r v0.3-1

Minor changes - Allow for combination of bicycle and public transport. Closed #135. - Added new parameter mode_egress to routing functions, so that users can explicitly set the transport mode used after egress from public transport (walk, car or bicycle). Closed #63. - Allow for using the r5r package off-line, provided the user has successfully ran setup_r5() before.

r5r v0.3-0

Major changes - Added Conveyal's R5 repo as a git submodule. This will help improve the long term integration between r5r and R5. Closed #105. - Internal changes to make r5r compatible with R5 latest version 6.0.1.

Minor changes - Added columns with population and number of schools in sample data set of Porto Alegre to allow for accessibility examples. Closed #128. - The percentiles parameter in the travel_time_matrix function now only accepts up to 5 cut points due to changes in R5.

r5r v0.2-1

Minor changes Expanded number of routes in the sample GTFS for Porto Alegre, allowing for more complex/realistic examples. Fixes format of columns of the output of travel_matrix_function when the user sets time_window parameter. Closes #127. Remove repeated bus route alternatives from the output from detailed_itineraries Explicitly link destination points to street network before starting. Closes #121

r5r v0.2-0

Major changes

Minor changes Added a sample of frequency-based GTFS for Sao Paulo. Closed #116 Improved documentation of routing functions adding more info on the routing algorithms used in R5. Closes #114

r5r v0.1-1

Minor changes Fixed issues with time zone when setting departure times Fixed issues to address CRAN checks * Now r5r can be installed on R (>= 3.6) * Appropriate hyperlinks indocumentation * Metadata is now downloaded from https:// server

r5r v0.1-0

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