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This function provides a graphical user interface for calculating rank-based statistical tests in general factorial designs.




The function produces a GUI for the calculation of the test statistics and for plotting. Data can be loaded via the "load data" button. The formula and the significance level alpha (default: 0.05) need to be specified. One can choose between two different null hypotheses (H_0^F and H_0^p, see the details to rankFD) to be tested as well as weighted or unweighted effects as discussed in Brunner et al. (2016) (r_i and p_i in their notation). If the plot option is chosen, an additional window opens containing information on the plots.


Brunner, E., Konietschke, F., Pauly, M. and Puri, M.L. (2016). Rank-Based Procedures in Factorial Designs: Hypotheses about Nonparametric Treatment Effects. arXiv:1606.03973

Akritas, M. G., Arnold, S. F., and Brunner, E. (1997). Nonparametric hypotheses and rank statistics for unbalanced factorial designs. Journal of the American Statistical Association 92, 258-265.

Brunner, E., Dette, H., and Munk, A. (1997). Box-Type Approximations in Nonparametric Factorial Designs. Journal of the American Statistical Association 92, 1494-1502.

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