apiCall: Execute a Call to the REDCap API

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apiCall is a wrapper for attempting to access the API via httr::POST, and then via RCurl::postForm if a particular error occurs. This prevents a particular kind of error for which I haven't found a proper solution, but at least allows the expected behavior of the package. Since writing this, I have found a solution to set the config option encoding='identity'. I may remove this function at some point in the future.


apiCall(url, body, config)



URL of the REDCap API


List of parameters to be passed to httr::POST's body argument or RCurl::postForm's .param argument.


A list of options to be passed to httr::POST's config argument or RCurl::postForm's .opts argument.


Somewhere in the middle of an upgrade to RStudio, R 3.1.1, and various other system changes, I began seeing the error 'GnuTLS recv error (-9): A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.' I still don't know what this error means, but it only occurs when using httr on Linux. The RCurl equivalents appear to work just fine.

In order to prevent this error from occurring, and making the package rather useless, apiCall wraps httr::POST into a tryCatch call. If the GnuTLS error is thrown, apiCall then resorts to using the RCurl equivalent call.

Since originally writing this function, I've determined that the problem occurs due to weird characters being exported from REDCap that cannot be properly escaped in R. It can be resolved by using the config option encoding = 'identity'. Making this a default could make this function unnecessary.


Benjamin Nutter


Please refer to your institution's API documentation.

Additional details on API parameters are found on the package wiki at https://github.com/nutterb/redcapAPI/wiki/REDCap-API-Parameters

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