test_that("count_facet", {

  # returns the correct class
  a <- count_facet(by='country', countries=3, removezeros = TRUE)
  b <- count_facet(by='country', countries='AR', removezeros = TRUE)

  # by country name
  countries <- isocodes$code[1:10]
  c <- count_facet(by='country', countries=countries, removezeros = TRUE)

  # get occurrences by georeferenced state
  d <- count_facet(by='georeferenced')

  expect_is(a, "data.frame")
  expect_is(b, "data.frame")
  expect_is(c, "data.frame")
  expect_is(d, "data.frame")
  expect_is(a$country, "character")

  # returns the correct dimensions
  expect_equal(NCOL(a), 2)
  expect_equal(NCOL(b), 2)
  expect_equal(NCOL(c), 2)
  expect_equal(NCOL(d), 2)

test_that("fails correctly", {

  # throws error, you can't use basisOfRecord and keys in the same call
  expect_error(count_facet(c(2489670, 5231042, 2481447), by="basisOfRecord"),
               "you can't pass in both keys and have by='basisOfRecord'")

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