test_that("returns the correct class", {
  vcr::use_cassette("parsenames", {

    tt <- parsenames(scientificname = 'x Agropogon littoralis')
    uu <- parsenames(c('Arrhenatherum elatius var. elatius',
                       'Secale cereale subsp. cereale', 'Secale cereale ssp. cereale',
                       'Vanessa atalanta (Linnaeus, 1758)'))

    expect_is(tt, "data.frame")
    expect_is(uu, "data.frame")
    expect_is(uu$scientificname, "character")
    expect_is(uu$bracketyear, "character")

    # returns the correct value
    expect_equal(as.character(tt$scientificname[[1]]), "x Agropogon littoralis")
    expect_equal(as.character(uu$specificepithet[[1]]), "elatius")

    # returns the correct dimensions
    expect_equal(dim(tt), c(1,11))
    expect_equal(dim(uu), c(4,13))


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