Verbose mode

Request informations can be displayed by setting options("rgho.verbose") to TRUE.


Request results are memoised. The results of requests are cached, and repeating a request with the same parameters will return the cached result without doing a new query.

The cache is cleared after a delay in order to avoid returning out-of-date data. By default this delay is set to options("rgho.memotime") seconds (by default r options("rgho.memotime")).

Changing the option has no impact on requests that were already memoised.

Proxy settings

The proxy settings are set through the rgho.http_proxy option. Proxy is passed as a character strings of the form "http://username:password@url:port".

Retry failed requests

Failed requests are retried a maximum of options("rgho.retry") (by default r options("rgho.retry") times).

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