insert_ss_line_Addin: Insert single straight (SS) line

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Call this function as an addin to insert # ----- at the cursor position.



See Also

Other 'Insert at cursor position' addins: insertArrowLR2_Addin, insertCompAssignPipe_Addin, insertExPipe_Addin, insertIfNULL_Addin, insertIn_Addin, insertMatMuliplication_Addin, insertNotIn_Addin, insertPaste0_Addin, insertPaste_Addin, insertPipeline_Addin, insertTeeOperator_Addin, insert_ds_line_Addin, insert_if_null_Addin, insert_if_null_or_len0_Addin, insert_sw_line_Addin

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