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affine: Apply Affine Transformation

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Applies any affine transformation of the plane (linear transformation plus vector shift) to a plane geometrical object, such as a point pattern or a window.


  affine(X, ...)



Any suitable dataset representing a two-dimensional object, such as a point pattern (object of class "ppp"), a line segment pattern (object of class "psp"), a window (object of class "owin") or a pixel image (object of class "im").


Arguments determining the affine transformation.


This is generic. Methods are provided for point patterns (affine.ppp) and windows (affine.owin).


Another object of the same type, representing the result of applying the affine transformation.



and \rolf

See Also

affine.ppp, affine.psp, affine.owin,, flipxy, reflect, rotate, shift

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