hyytiala: Scots pines and other trees at Hyytiala

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This dataset is a spatial point pattern of trees recorded at Hyytiala, Finland. The majority of the trees are Scots pines. See Kokkila et al (2002).

The dataset hyytiala is a point pattern (object of class "ppp") containing the spatial coordinates of each tree, marked by species (a factor with levels aspen, birch, pine and rowan). The survey region is a 20 by 20 metre square. Coordinates are given in metres.




Nicolas Picard


Kokkila, T., Makela, A. and Nikinmaa E. (2002) A method for generating stand structures using Gibbs marked point process. Silva Fennica 36 265–277.

Picard, N, Bar-Hen, A., Mortier, F. and Chadoeuf, J. (2009) The multi-scale marked area-interaction point process: a model for the spatial pattern of trees. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 36 23–41


plot(hyytiala, cols=2:5)

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