Pairwise distances


Computes the matrix of distances between all pairs of ‘things’ in a dataset


  pairdist(X, ...)



Object specifying the locations of a set of ‘things’ (such as a set of points or a set of line segments).


Further arguments depending on the method.


Given a dataset X and Y (representing either a point pattern or a line segment pattern) pairdist computes the distance between each pair of ‘things’ in the dataset, and returns a matrix containing these distances.

The function pairdist is generic, with methods for point patterns (objects of class "ppp"), line segment patterns (objects of class "psp") and a default method. See the documentation for pairdist.ppp, pairdist.psp or pairdist.default for details.


A square matrix whose [i,j] entry is the distance between the ‘things’ numbered i and j.


Pavel Grabarnik and \adrian

See Also

pairdist.ppp, pairdist.psp, pairdist.default, crossdist, nndist, Kest

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