pixellate: Convert Spatial Object to Pixel Image

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Convert a spatial object to a pixel image by measuring the amount of stuff in each pixel.





Spatial object to be converted. A point pattern (object of class "ppp"), a window (object of class "owin"), a line segment pattern (object of class "psp"), or some other suitable data.


Arguments passed to methods.


The function pixellate converts a geometrical object x into a pixel image, by measuring the amount of x that is inside each pixel.

If x is a point pattern, pixellate(x) counts the number of points of x falling in each pixel. If x is a window, pixellate(x) measures the area of intersection of each pixel with the window.

The function pixellate is generic, with methods for point patterns (pixellate.ppp), windows (pixellate.owin), and line segment patterns (pixellate.psp), See the separate documentation for these methods.

The related function as.im also converts x into a pixel image, but typically measures only the presence or absence of x inside each pixel.


A pixel image (object of class "im").



and \rolf

See Also

pixellate.ppp, pixellate.owin, pixellate.psp, pixellate.linnet, as.im

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