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This package provides scripts, functions and datasets for the book "Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R."


Package: spuRs
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2008-08-12
License: TBA
LazyLoad: yes

The datasets are: kew, treeg, trees, ufc.plots, and ufc.

The main functions are: bisection, fixedpoint, fixedpoint\_show, newtonraphson, newtonraphson\_show, prime, primesieve, and vol.m3.

We also provide functions relevant to the seedtrap case study: mean and print functions, an sd function, simulate, fitDistances, and constructors. See Chapters 8 and 21 for more details.

Type ?<object> to learn more about these objects, e.g. ?ufc


Owen Jones, Robert Maillardet, Andrew Robinson, Olga Borovkova, and Steve Carnie. Maintainer: Andrew Robinson <[email protected]>


Jones, O.D., R.J. Maillardet, and A.P. Robinson. 2009. Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R. Chapman And Hall/CRC.

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