Defines functions onDetach onAttach non_interactive_exit assign_outcome

# everything should no-op in interactive session

pkg_vars <- new.env()

assign_outcome <- function(outcome) {
    if (interactive()) return()
    # as per assign() invoked for side effect
    if( ! exists('outcomes', where = pkg_vars) ) {
             data.frame(status = logical(0), output = character(0), stringsAsFactors = FALSE),
             pos = pkg_vars
    assign('outcomes', rbind(get('outcomes', pos = pkg_vars), outcome), pos = pkg_vars)

# having this as a named function means that CMD check will not complain about the use of cat and packageStartupMessage in .onLoad
non_interactive_exit <- function( e ) {
    if( exists('outcomes', where = e) && nrow(get('outcomes', pos = e)) ) {
         tests.total <- nrow(get('outcomes', pos = e))
         tests.failed <- sum(! get('outcomes', pos = e)$status) 
         if (tests.failed) {
             cat(paste("# Looks like you failed", tests.failed, "of", tests.total, "tests.\n", collapse = " "))
             # We need to alter the status code, stop() doesn't work, not allowed to use .Last, should only happen as script is terminating anyway.
             quit(save = "no", status = 10, runLast=FALSE)
         else {
             cat(paste("# Looks like you passed all", tests.total, "tests.\n", collapse = " "))

.onAttach <- function(libname, pkgname) {
    if (interactive()) return()

    reg.finalizer(pkg_vars, non_interactive_exit, onexit = TRUE)

# "Note that when an R session is finished, packages are not detached and namespaces are not unloaded, so the corresponding hooks will not be run." ?getHook
# so we can assume that if this is called then the package is being detached (and maybe also unloaded)
# the assumption is that if the package is also unloaded that any reg.finalizers would be run some time later when garbage collection happens
# So the onDetach event allows us to clear out the pkg_vars environment so that when the finalizer is called the non_interactive_exit will no-op
.onDetach <- function(libpath) {
    if (interactive()) return()

    rm('outcomes', pos = pkg_vars)

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