polar-class: An S4 class to define the polar coordinates and pvalues for...

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An S4 class to define the polar coordinates and pvalues for polar differential expression plots



Sample data with ID and contrast column.


The column name in 'sampledata“ which contains the three-group contrast factor used for comparisons.


A data frame containing the p-values, and adjusted p-values, for all three comparisons between groups in the contrast factor, as well as optional fold changes and multi-group tests.


Column name prefix for statistical tests between all three groups


A data frame or matrix containing the expression data. This is used to calculate z-score and fold change, therefore it should be a normalised expression object such as log transformed or variance stabilised.


A data frame containing:

  • The axis score or mean expression for each of the three groups in comparison

  • The z-score polar coordinates: 'y_zscore', 'x_zscore' and 'r_zscore'

  • The fold-change polar coordinates: 'y_fc', 'x_fc' and 'r_fc'

  • 'angle': The angle in radians for polar coordinates

  • 'angle_degrees': The angle in degrees

  • 'maxExp': The group with the highest expression

  • 'sig': The significance category


The category name for variables which are not significant

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