pan_query: Query the PAN Pesticide database

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pan_queryR Documentation

Query the PAN Pesticide database


Retrieve information from the PAN database ( This function is currently broken.


  from = c("name", "cas"),
  match = c("best", "all", "first", "na"),
  verbose = TRUE,



character; searchterm, e.g. chemical name or CAS.


character; one of "name" or "cas".


character; match="all" returns all matches, match="first" the first one and match="best" (recommended) the hit with the lowest Levenshtein distance between query and matching synonym.


logical; should a verbose output be printed on the console?


currently not used.


a named list of 73 entries, see for more information. If match="best" an additional entry match_score with the normalized Levenshtein distance (0 = perfect match, 1 = worst match).

CAS Number; U.S. EPAPC Code; CA ChemCode; Use Type; Chemical Class; Molecular Weight; U.S. EPARegistered ; CA Reg Status; PIC; POPs; WHO Obsolete; EPA HAP; CA TAC; Ground Water Contaminant; CA Grnd Water Contam.; Acute Aquatic Toxcity; Chronic Aquatic Toxicity; PAN BadActor Chem; Dirty Dozen; Acute Toxicity Summary; Cholinesterase Inhibitor; Acute rating from U.S. EPA product label; U.S. NTP Acute Toxicity Studies; Material Safety Data Sheets; TRI Acute Hazard; WHO Acute Toxicity; Cancer Rating; U.S. EPA Carcinogens; IARC Carcinogens; U.S. NTP Carcinogens; California Prop 65 Known Carcinogens; TRI Carcinogen; Developmental or Reproductive Toxicity; CA Prop 65 Developmental Toxin; U.S. TRI Developmental Toxin; CA Prop 65 Female Reproductive Toxin; CA Prop 65 Male Reproductive Toxin ; U.S. TRI Reproductive Toxin; Endocrine Disruption; E.U. ED Rating; Benbrook list; Denmark Inert list; Colborn list; Illinois EPA list; Keith list; Water Solubility (Avg, mg/L); Adsorption Coefficient (Koc); Hydrolysis Half-life (Avg, Days); Aerobic Soil Half-life (Avg, Days); Anaerobic Soil Half-life (Avg, Days); Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) (ug/L); Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) (ug/L); One Day Exposure Health Advisory Level (ug/L); Ten Day Exposure Health Advisory Level (ug/L); Reference Dose (ug/kg/day); U.S. Drinking Water Equivalent Level (ug/L); Lifetime Exposure Health Advisory Level (ug/L); Lifetime Estimated Cancer Risk (cases per 1,000,000); Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) (ug/L); Interim Maximum Acceptable Concentration (IMAC) (ug/L); Aesthetic Objectives (ug/L); Fresh Water Quality Criteria Continuous Exposure (ug/L); Fresh Water Quality Criteria Maximum Peak (ug/L); Salt Water Quality Criteria Continuous Exposure (ug/L); Salt Water Quality Criteria Max (ug/L); Human Consumption of Organisms from Water Source (ug/L); Human Consumption of Water and Organisms from Water Source (ug/L); Taste and Odor Criteria (ug/L); Fresh Water Guidelines (ug/L); Salt Water Guidelines (ug/L); Irrigation Water Guidelines (ug/L); Livestock Water Guidelines (ug/L); Chemical Name; matching synonym; source URL


## Not run: 
 # might fail if API is not available

 # return all hits
 pan_query('2,4-dichlorophenol')[[1]][c(1, 2, 5, 74)]
 # return only first hit
 pan_query('2,4-dichlorophenol', match = 'first')[[1]][c(1, 2, 5, 74)]
 # return only best hit
 pan_query('2,4-dichlorophenol', match = 'best')[[1]][c(1, 2, 5, 74)]

 out <- pan_query(c('Glyphosate', 'Rotenone'), from = "name", match = 'best')

 # extract Acute Toxicity Summary
 # sapply(out, function(y) y$`Acute Toxicity Summary`)

## End(Not run)

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