Man pages for ASeatonSpatial/BlackGrouseProject
Functions for University of Glasgow Black Grouse Project

crop_rastersCrop multiple rasters to a specified extent or shape
get_worldclim_namesExtract names of worldclim raster files
gfr_formulaCreate GFR formula from simple formula
multiple_rasters_to_pointsJoin multiple raster layers to single points object,
parent_directoryGet parent directory
raster_to_pointsSpatial join raster to points
raster_to_polygonsSpatial join raster data to polygons using specified join...
read_rastersRead all raster files in a directory.
reproject_rastersReproject multiple rasters to a new CRS.
worldclim_joinSpatially joins worldclim rasters to point data
writeRaster_listWrite multiple raster objects to disk
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