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What the Package Does Using Title Case

AUCg3MeasureCalculating AUCg for 3 Measures.
AUCg4MeasureCalculating AUCg for 4 Measures.
AUCi3MeasureCalculating AUCi for 3 Measures.
AUCi4MeasureCalculating AUCi for 4 Measures.
BasicNotationSets the basic notataion I usually use
ChiCalculatorCompare Chi squaure of two models. Test if the models are...
CorrDelRowTesting to see which participant to delete to get...
DoCorMapCreates a correlation "Heatmap".
flattenCorrMatrixCreates a corelations matrix and flatten it
FuncInPackLists the functions in a package.
helloA simple function doing little
ImputedMeanImpute mean of coloum instead of NA. 'ImputedMean' Impute the...
InstallNeededPackgesInstall needed Packges in scripts from directory
LMFindDelRowCalculates sig. level without each participant from linear...
MissingPlotCreates a plot for missing data patterns.
NASumSum the number of NAs in row.
UsefulFunctions-packageWhat the Package Does Using Title Case
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