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For more details and examples visit the official docs. The R package can not handle each and every case, so for advanced use cases you need to work using the original docs to achieve the desired result.



Props to pass to shiny.react::reactElement. See allowed props listed below in Details section


  • ariaDescribedBy string
    Defines the element id referencing the element containing the description for the popup.

  • ariaLabel string
    Accessible label text for the popup.

  • ariaLabelledBy string
    Defines the element id referencing the element containing label text for popup.

  • className string
    Optional class name for the root popup div.

  • onDismiss (ev?: React.MouseEvent<HTMLElement> | React.KeyboardEvent<HTMLElement>) => any
    A callback function for when the popup is dismissed from the close button or light dismiss. If provided, will handle escape keypresses and call this. The event will be stopped/canceled.

  • onRestoreFocus (options: { originalElement?: HTMLElement | Window; containsFocus: boolean; }) => void
    Called when the component is unmounting, and focus needs to be restored. Argument passed down contains two variables, the element that the underlying popup believes focus should go to * and whether or not the popup currently contains focus. If this is provided, focus will not be restored automatically, you'll need to call originalElement.focus()

  • role string
    Aria role for popup

  • shouldRestoreFocus boolean
    If true, when this component is unmounted, focus will be restored to the element that had focus when the component first mounted.

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