This package constitutes an interactive R problem set based on the RTutor package (

In this problem set you will learn about the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and the effect it had on technological change towards low-carbon innovation.

1. Installation

RTutor and this package is hosted on Github. To install everything, run the following code in your R console.

if (!require(devtools))

devtools::install_github("ArthurS90/RTutorEmissionTrading", upgrade_dependencies=FALSE)

2. Show and work on the problem set

To start the problem set first create a working directory in which files like the data sets and your solution will be stored. Then adapt and run the following code.


# Adapt your working directory to an existing folder
# Adapt your user name"Jon Doe", package="RTutorEmissionTrading",
       load.sav=TRUE, sample.solution=FALSE)

If everything works fine, a browser window should open, in which you can start exploring the problem set.

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