Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/ASpli
Analysis of alternative splicing using RNA-Seq

acc_ASAccessors for ASpliAS object
acc_countsAccessors for ASpliCounts object
acc_DUAccessors for ASpliDU object
acc_featuresAccessors for ASpliFeatures object
AsDiscover-methodsReport PSI and PIR using experimental junctions
ASpliAS-classClass '"ASpliAS"'
ASpliCountsClass '"ASpliCounts"'
ASpliCounts-classClass '"ASpliCounts"'
ASpliDU-classClass '"ASpliDU"'
ASpliFeatures-classClass '"ASpliFeatures"'
ASpli-packageAnalysis of alternative splicing using RNAseq
binGenomeFeature coordinates extraction
binGenome-methodsFeature coordinates extraction
DUreportDifferential gene expression and differential bin/junction...
DUreport_DEXSeqDifferential gene expression and differential bin/junction...
loadBAMLoad BAM files
plotTopTagsCoverage plots
rdsDivides read counts by gene and bin length
readCountsSummarize read overlaps
show-methodsDisplay a summary of data contained in ASpliObjects
writeWrite results
write-methodsWrite results
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