blacklist_hg19: Blacklisted genomic regions

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A GRanges object containing blacklisted regions identified by the ENCODE and modENCODE consortia. These correspond to artifact regions that tend to show artificially high signal (excessive unstructured anomalous reads mapping). Selected from mappability track of the UCSC genome browser (hg19, wgEncodeDacMapabilityConsensusExcludable and wgEncodeDukeMapabilityRegionsExcludable tables).

Code used to retrieve these regions:

Used as 'RegionsToFilter' within the QCfilter function so that variants overlapping these regions will be removed.


A GRanges object of 1378 ranges.


Note that these blacklists are applicable to functional genomic data (e.g. ChIP-seq, MNase-seq, DNase-seq, FAIRE-seq) of short reads (20-100bp reads). These are not applicable to RNA-seq or other transcriptome data types.


Ines de Santiago [email protected]

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