How to contribute:

First off, thank you for considering contributing to BioCor, and using it or considering it.

I welcome: * Ideas or reference to articles which could be interesting to add are appreciated * Report of bugs, problems and anything you think it can improve the package. Check with the template for issues. * New algorithms to calculate functional similarity.

Pull request

Try to keep the format and style of coding, this includes using: * roxygen2 to create documentation pages, * testthat for testing, and * following the google R style and the Bioconductor recomendations.

I try to maintain a code coverage above 75%, so if you send a pull request, please provide the necessary tests.


If you make a pull request and it is accepted you accept that you license your contribution in the same license of the package. I will add you as contributor if the contribution is significant but don't forget to include your name at the Author section of the help pages.

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