Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/CountClust
Clustering and Visualizing RNA-Seq Expression Data using Grade of Membership Models

AbundanceGoMGoM model fit for abundance data
BatchCorrectedCountsObtain Batch effect Corrected counts
cg_topicsCompute the center of gravity of the clusters
compare_omegaRe-ordering cluster membership proportion matrices and...
compGoMcompGoM: compare GoM model fits through log-likelihood, BIC...
ex.countscounts data for GTEx V6 Brain data for 200 genes
ExtractHighCorFeaturesExtracting most highly correlated genes with GoM...
ExtractTopFeaturesExtracting top driving genes of GoM clusters
FitGoMGrade of Membership (GoM) model fit !
FitGoMpoolRun Grade of Membership (GoM) model with multiple starting...
GTExV6Brain.FitGoMGoM model fit for GTEx V6 Brain bulk-RNA data
handleNADeal with NAs in the dataset!
MouseDeng2014.FitGoMGoM model fit for Deng et al 2014 single cell RNA-seq data on...
MouseJaitinSpleen.FitGoMGoM model fit for Jaitin et al 2014 single cell RNA-seq data...
nullmodel_GoMNull models for Grade of Membership (GoM) cluster validation
RemoveSparseFeaturesRemoves features with a lot of 0 counts
StructureGGplotStruture plot using ggplot2
Structure_omegaStructure Plot of GoM model proportions (Base plot version)!
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